Our 5-Step Process

Clients often ask “how do I start the estate planning process?” We begin most estate planning work with clients in a standard five-step process. This process allows us to identify the client’s needs, the client’s goals, and develop a plan of action. Once these are identified we implement the plan of action.

1. Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ)

Client completes and uploads or sends a hardcopy of PIQ, requested deeds, and other documents to Yuen & Yuen. 

Frank/Erika review and analyze documents.

2. Initial Consultation

Frank/Erika propose a trust structure or multiple trusts and other entities (i.e. corporations, partnerships, and LLCs).
Client approves the proposed plan.

3. Drafting

Frank/Erika draft the trust(s) and entities. The process takes 4-6 weeks for an individual or joint revocable trust plan and more time for irrevocable trusts and other entities.
Client reviews drafts and makes note of questions, concerns, and revisions.

4. Video Conference or In-person Meeting

Client meets with Frank/Erika online or in-person to address concerns and ask questions.
Frank/Erika revise and finalize documents per client meeting.

5. Execution

Client meets with Frank/Erika. Client executes all documents.
Frank/Erika deliver hardcopy and digital copy of the estate planning portfolio within 3-4 weeks.